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Oriana – From dream to reality & a proud legacy

It has been well documented about the huge gamble that P&O took in the early 1990’s with the vision of UK cruising into the 21st century.

I don’t think that even the most optimistic of those in the industry at that time could have envisaged just what the UK cruise market would become by 2019.

Oriana’s design was so well thought out, that even today, her passenger space is hard to beat.

Never has there been so much choice, everything from those on a budget to mega ships that have almost every conceivable activity to enjoy.

Having so much choice and competition means that the designers of new ships have to constantly push the envelopes of what is possible.

As Oriana retires from P&O Cruises, to start a new career in the Far East, I will let my photos show what is a special ship she is, and it is true to be said she will be missed by passengers and crew alike…

24 photos for 24 years of service.

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