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A prestigious Centenary

Growing up in the City of Southampton with a family history involved in the Port, from an early age I heard about the famous shipping companies that took passengers and cargo to the four corners of the World, P&O, Union Castle, White Star and perhaps the most famous and most prestigious one them all, Cunard.

The stories of the famous people who would board the Ocean Liner Express at Waterloo, come to Southampton, stay in the South Western Hotel the night before and set sail on the famous Cunard Liners to New York captivated my imagination from an early age.

It is without surprise that Cunard and Southampton have become inexplicably linked, and November 2019 marks the centenary of that special relationship. Cunard decided to move the prestigious flagship Express service to New York from Liverpool to Southampton, which took advantage of the closeness to London, the natural deep water, the ability to offer passengers from Europe the chance to travel with Cunard, and a fast transit time across the Atlantic Ocean.

18th November 1919 saw the famous four funnel SS Mauretania set sail on her first voyage from Southampton.

Today, exactly 100 years later, the Cunard flagship "Queen Mary 2" sets sail on the very same route on a celebratory voyage.

Both Cunard and Southampton have been involved in many national and international events, and to this day, and in the future, will carry on this tradition.

Here are just a few of my photos, and to carry on my family history in the port is one that makes me proud...

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